Crochet Baby Shoes - Ballerinas with Instructions

My first ballerina wholesale baby shoes are finally ready. They are still in need of improvement, but after all, it is only once made a basis to create. It was not that easy, because I made the first attempts with a sole that was crocheted in rows. At some point I found pictures that showed me that you better crochet in circles. Since these are small works, wool remains from 20 grams to 30 grams. Depending on the size, which should have the ballerina wholesale baby shoes. My first work has a sole length of 10 centimeters.

wholesale baby shoes

What is needed?

As already written, 20 to 30 grams of wool are needed. Whether the little ballerina wholesale baby shoes should become uni, like those in the photo or get a contrasting color, depends on the personal taste. A crochet hook - I've used size 3 - a darning needle and a pair of scissors are included as tools.

With air meshes it starts

I started with a chain of 13 stitches. That will be the basis for the first round. Now crochet 3 more meshes to compensate for the length of a stick. The 1st stick is then crocheted in the 13th airlock. In this stitch comes a second chopsticks. Thereafter, a rod is worked into each of the following 11 air meshes. 5 sticks are crocheted into the last air mesh and you get the curve for the round. Now again 11 single sticks, 2 sticks and with a chain stitch the round is closed.

The 2nd round is started again with 3 air meshes. In the 3 air stitches of the previous round comes a stick. Then follow each 2 sticks in the previous stick. It continues with 11 chopsticks. The five sticks from the preliminary round are now each crocheted with 2 sticks, so that the curve has a total of 10 sticks. Then follow again 11 sticks, 2 sticks in each of the last two sticks of the preliminary round and a chain stitch.

The 3rd round is also started with 3 air stitches, 1 stick in the same stick, 2 sticks in each of the following 3 sticks, 1 stick in each of the following 13 sticks. Now each 2 sticks in each of the following 7 sticks - our curve and again 1 stick in each of the following 13 sticks. Complete with 2 sticks in each of the following 3 sticks and a single stick, finish the round with 1 sliver. There should be 54 stitches and the sole is ready.

From now on, a shoe from our work, because the following 4th round is crocheted only with strong stitches. You can make an airlock at the beginning of the round, which is not completed at the end but with a chain stitch, but also with a tight mesh.
In the 5th round the existing 54 stitches are crocheted again with fixed stitches.

In the 6th round, the declines begin now. The first 19 stitches are crocheted, the 20th is skipped, another 14 stitches, skip one stitch and then 19 stitches again. There are 52 stitches left.

Round 7 has a skipped stitch after 21 stitches so that the declines are slightly offset. Crochet 8 stitches, skip another stitch of the preliminary round and crochet 21 stitches until the end of the round. Rest 50 stitches.

In round 8 crochet 19 stitches. Then skip stitch, crochet the stitch until three stitches are skipped alternately. 2 stitches crochet and the change takes place again. Then you should crochet 19 stitches. Rest 44 stitches.

The 9th round is crocheted with fixed stitches without further declines.

The straps were crocheted open. The longer part was started with 10 stitches directly on the shoe and 15 air stitches. In the back row, 10 stitches were also crocheted on the other side of the shoe. Overall, the straps have a height of 2 rows. As a conclusion, a band of double air mesh was crocheted on both straps, so that you can tie a bow.

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